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A car accident in 2001 left Mike with constant Neuropathic Pain. Among other things, a spinal injury resulted in chronic Sciatic Nerve damage.

In 2003 the NHS introduced him to T'ai Chi ~ This was the only post-accident activity he found which could take his mind away from the continuous pain ~ He has continued to practise it ever since as a major part of his pain control.

He now performs and teaches various gentle Yang-style Taijiquan Forms, Qigongs and relaxation techniques to beginners, regulars and pain sufferers; these include ~

Yang Chengfu Main Form '108'  ;  Beijing/Simplified/Short Form '24'  ;  Arthritic Form  ;  Imperial Qigong  ;  Tiger Bones  ;  Eight-Pieces-of-Brocade  ;  Shibashi '18'  ;  'Jam Jong'  and  various Breathing techniques etc.


Mike has UK enhanced level DBS clearance and 'Tai Chi Instructor' Tradesman Public Liability Insurance, allowing him to teach in Community Halls, Schools and Private Homes etc.

He has held classes in Residential Homes (seated Tai Chi) & Bootle Sports Centre for 'Active-Sefton' and also as part of 'Hugh Baird College's Community Outreach Program' etc.  ~  1-to-1 Lessons in your own home (or with friends) are available too.


Mike says:

" I recommend everyone should try Tai Chi because it is a tasking yet enjoyable practise.  This makes it a wonderful exercise for both your mental & physical health and general wellbeing, regardless of your current ability ~ it also compliments all other forms of exercise too "

" The NHS introduced me to Tai Chi (Billy Watson's Kwong Tam Chi Gungs & 24 form) at the world-leading Walton Neurological Pain Clinic, when I attended their famous 'Pain Management Program'

I maintained that P.M.P. ethos at the self-help group for pain sufferers S.M.I.L.E. with (Bill Pirrie's) Exercise class, a Relaxation audio tape and a Tai Chi class (Gary's White Crane Qigongs & 24 form)

I have been practising Tai Chi with The White Tiger Taiji School since 2003 (My sincerest thanks go to Roger Billingham R.I.P. Sept'16, who was an inspirational and patient mentor to me for 13+ years with his Qigongs, 8, 18, 24 & 108 (new & old) forms, Push Hands etc. I will miss him, his inspiring presence, his ever ready smile and unique brand of humour. He was a true character with a wonderful attitude to life, great style, compassion and lack of ego)

My path into teaching began accidentally, when accompanying Sheila at her Maghull & Lydiate U3A Tai Ji class as a volunteer in 2008 (Thank you for the push)

Roger of The White Tiger Taiji School awarded me with an Instructor Certificate in 2009

In 2011 I launched a 'Seated Taiji for Beginners' class at the U3A, to lead people up into Sheila's class

In March 2014 I hosted my 1st Taiji4you class in Maghull Parish Hall, as a self-employed Instructor

 I was invited to start a class in Aintree, then in Bootle and a 10-week course outdoors in Crosby

I am currently hosting 6 drop-in classes suitable for beginners, OAPs and pain sufferers alike. "